Run a command each time an URI is loaded. Since the URI may be passed as argument, this patch along with a proper script allows to manage browsing history in many convenient ways.

The omnibar script store all URIs, including ones visited by clicking on links, and use them to auto-complete when you type on dmenu. The items are sorted by number of views.

For tabbed users, you may also want to add the following to your tabbed config.h:

#define GOTO { \
	.v = (char *[]){"/bin/sh", "-c", \
		"~/.surf/omnibar goto $0 $1", winid, "_TABBED_SELECT_TAB", NULL \
	} \

Now you can use the following key (don't forget to remove the old one):

{ MODKEY,                       XK_t,      spawn,          GOTO },