surf is a simple web browser based on WebKit2/GTK+. It is able to display websites and follow links. It supports the XEmbed protocol which makes it possible to embed it in another application. Furthermore, one can point surf to another URI by setting its XProperties.

2009/9/17 Simon Rozet

I though exactly the same before. I always had +20 tabs open in firefox. Honestly, I'd never thought I'd enjoy using a browser with no tab support until I forced myself to use surf for a week. I am now much less distracted and more focused when browsing the web. dwm + surf <3

Getting Started

Start the browser with

surf http://your-url

You can navigate by clicking on links on the displayed page. Hit Ctrl-g to enter a new URL. For more commands consult

man surf


Note On Webkit Versions

Compile your own webkit or expect hell. The packaging of webkit is pure insane. Surf uses upstream stable webkit2gtk by default, but the previous version based on webkit1gtk is still available as a branch.


surf is actively developed. You can browse its source code repository or get a copy with the following command:

git clone