Adblocking using /etc/hosts

Adblocking is a non-trivial task, but there are trivial solutions.

  1. Install hosts-gen from

    % git clone % cd hosts-gen % sudo make install
    Make sure all your custom configuration from your current /etc/hosts is preserved in a file in /etc/hosts.d. The files have to begin with a number, a minus and then the name.

    % sudo hosts-gen

  2. Install the zerohosts script.

    In the above directory.

    % sudo cp examples/gethostszero /bin % sudo chmod 775 /bin/gethostszero % sudo /bin/gethostszero % sudo hosts-gen

Now the /etc/hosts with the zero hosts is ready and will be used in any further started application.

The gethostszero file can of course be reused to more easier create the /etc/hosts file. A cronjob can be used to update the file and run hosts-gen again.